I am a healthcare strategy consultant with experience in medical affairs, market access and launch strategy spanning various therapeutic modalities and indications. Prior to being a consultant, I worked at the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), University of California, Berkeley, and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in various capacities as a scientist (graduate student and post-doctoral scholar). In addition to research, I worked with a number of start-ups and helped them navigate and interact with key stakeholders and the market landscape. 

My scientific training focused on the development of chemical biology tools. More specifically, I worked with three technologies - Fluorogen Activating Proteins (FAP) developed by the Bruchez group and others, Voltage Fluors (VF) developed by the Miller group, and Versatile Interacting Peptides (VIP) developed by the Beatty group. These tools answer key biological questions in rare diseases, neuroscience and oncology. 

I leverage my scientific and prior consulting background and provide consultancy services to BSP clients in the biopharma and medical devices segments. 

Outside work, I enjoy strolling around Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, trying new restaurants, yoga and baking.   


I am interested in new therapeutic approaches in oncology and rare diseases. Specifically, I follow companies and scientific groups that work on RNAi, Gene editing, cellular therapies, protein degradation, optogenetics and photopharmacology. I also keep a tab on the latest tools in the chemical biology space.